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A Steampunk and fantasy Event in PA

Vendor List

The Mechanical Meow


 The Mechanical Meow is unique industrial chic, steampunk jewelry  designs. Each handmade piece is a creation made from love,  imagination... Quintessence 

Team Manticore


 Strange plushies, unique jewelry, vinyl art, original prints, and our books!

Absolems' Garden


 Welcome to Absolems' Garden. Find the perfect finishing piece for your costume or wardrobe!




Gadgetometers is proud to present a unique variety of handcrafted products that pertain to the Steam Punk theme. Our one of a kind, art-based devices are designed to augment the look of any costume. Whether you’re a time traveler, vampire hunter, fairy friend, aviator, wizard, or explorer—these imaginative items will lend distinction to any persona. They even look good on a shelf. In addition to our Gadgetometers, our inventory includes a vast array of other theme related items such as handmade goggles, jewelry, hats, time machines, jetpacks, costume accessories, unique weaponry and small vintage items to enhance your décor. Drop by our emporium and take a look.

Crocheted by Kirby


Hand Made, One of a Kind, Wearable Art. 

 I make wonderful, warm and one of a kind handmade crocheted hats and fingerless gloves. The three kinds of hat I make are the Fruit Hats, the Animal Hats and the Viking Hats. I also make a line of one of a kind hand painted and hand sewn four season Tree Bags. 

Tomboy Togs


tomboy(n): a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of the gender role of a boy
togs(n): clothing 

 Tomboy Togs is all about fandom and fun! I sew felt accessories and finger puppets that are inspired by superheroes, fantasy and sci fi. I sell items inspired by Wonder Woman, Batman, Spider-Man, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek and Harry Potter, as well as kid shows like Paw Patrol. 

Dress Your Dreams


  Lady Susan is the designer and maker of custom clothing and costumes for Dress Your Dreams. Dress Your Dreams can make garments and costumes for all occasions, time-periods, and alternate time eras. Rare is the dream outfit that we cannot help you achieve. From the ostentatious extravagance of the Victorian period to living your Dream of attending Hogwarts; to boldly wearing what no one has worn before, Dress Your Dreams can get you dressed. 

Alternate Realms

 Chain Maille and Leather Costume accessories and Jewelry.  

Roguish Rabbit



The Roguish Rabbit is a repository of handmade steampunk inspired items. We are the home of the original articulated wings! We specialize in affordable items ranging from hats, fascinators, wings, goggles, trinket boxes, jewelry and so much more. Whether you are just starting out or need that one specific thing to add your collection come check out the Roguish Rabbit! We specialize in affordability and one of a kind pieces. Custom orders are always open!

Panda Loot



Panda Loot Ltd. is your one stop geek shop. We specialized in geeky and pop culture treasures. Amongst our loot you can find fabric coasters & pot holders, badge reels, and duct tape geekery. We also have a variety of jewelry including necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, and charm pins. We have a wide variety of steampunk treasures that are guaranteed to make you happy and fit your budget. All of our products are handmade  by us. We also do custom orders at no additional charge.

KISS Designs


We are a mobile business. We make "eat, drink and be merry" corsets and garb for steampunk, ren faire and cosplay. KISS Designs sells and designs corsets, steampunk, festival wear and accessories. Also, available for steampunk bridal designs. Find us on etsy under Steampunk by KISS. Our work as been on display at the AACA museum, a member of the Smithsonian family, and many other places. We love doing custom orders!

W Designs by Dianne Miller


Jewelry and accessories inspired by the past with a quirky. modern twist. Hand made by Dianne Miller in her Leola, PA studio. 

 Do you remember when you were a kid? Rummaging through your grandma’s jewelry box or closet? Or your pop-pop’s junk drawer full of shiny treasures? Yeah, it’s like that. My jewelry and accessories are made of the stuff of fantasy, the stuff of fairytales and stories never told, or told over and over again that you never get tired of hearing about. My jewelry becomes your jewelry, your stories, your fantasy jewelry box, full of visions of places visited or imagined. My jewelry becomes legend. I've also added whimsical aprons and bags to my line of fun accessories so you can weave a little "pretend" into your daily life. 

Tentacular Creations


 Tentacular Creations is a hand made crafting business created by Miranda Macabre inspired by what is in her head! Most of the art pieces are sea creature inspired, anything with a fun flow! Some of the many creations made are: Clay tentacle earrings, stained glass blocks, paintings with a fun flair in many different mediums, freaky eyeball jewelry, Steam Punk inspired hair clips, shawls and crotchet satchels. 

Herbal Turtle Teas


Steampunk Showcase's featured tea vendor - Herbal Turtle Teas! Handcrafted Tea and Tisane blends which will be available for tasting via our tea cart services for vendors and at their booth for patrons! 

Red Duke Games


 Tom Roache and Mike Slater, those madmen from Red Duke Games will be in attendance with the incredible cookbook of eldritch horror - The Necronomnomnom, as well as running game demos and talking up their card game collaboration with BF Designs - Gears of Lore! You can check this new company's product plans at

- and tell them what you want to see first live and in person at the show! 

MoJo's Modded Creations


MoJo's Modded Creations is a line of handmade jewelry, hats, hairclips, custom clothing, and SteamPunk accessories. 

 MoJo's Modded Creations is dedicated to providing custom handmade jewelry, hats, accessories, and specialty costumes at an affordable price. Appealing designs that augment your style... causal to formal… everyday wear or special occasions. Personally designed & created by MoJo. Since each item is handmade, no two are identical.

MoJo’s Modded Creations was created by me, Melinda (MoJo) Holsinger, to create beautiful jewelry, hats, costumes, and accessories at affordable prices. 

Magical Mysteries


Welcome to Magical Mysteries Silk Sparkle Hair Strands. Dress up your tresses with sparkling silk hair strands! Fun & fabulous, simply dazzling - give your hair a magical glow!  Silk Sparkle Hair Strands and other Faerie accessories.

 Join us in our beautiful Faerie Salon and begin your Faerie Transformation with Delicate strands of sparkling silk, which are hand-tied to individual hairs. Silk strands are applied to hair that is 4 inches or longer, after which you can brush, wash, style, curl, flat iron (up to 350° F ), and even dye your hair. We also sparkle wigs! Take the magic back into the mundane with Faerie Hair--Silk Sparkle Strands!  

Silverwolf Leather


Handcrafted leather goods ready-made as well as custom collaborations to suite your personal needs. Remember, everything is better in leather! 

Doc Stone Studios


Custom made, one of a kind wearable art, made from leather, hammered brass, and found items (mostly antique clock parts). This collection is perfect for the Steam Punk crowd or someone who wants adornment that shows eclecticism and taste. 

Beaded Chic // MAD Glassworks



Makers of Classic and Contemporary Art Jewelry using precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, metals and our own hand-made Lampwork glass beads.


Beaded Chic was started in 2004 by Donna McClaren, while living in England. She quickly became a recognized seller of unique and quality jewelry throughout the country.

Beaded Chic is based in south central Pennsylvania. A true family art glass studio business located in Lititz, PA, you can find us at all types of shows including Steampunk, Renaissance, Celtic, and Artisan Shows.

Dodson Designs


We make creative custom handcrafted leather goods that make our clients dreams come true and last a lifetime. We specialize in satchels, bags and briefcases as well as various fandom genre items like armor, pouches etc.

We craft leather, wood, and mixed media creations with a steampunk or industrial flair.

Our focus is on creating well-made hand-crafted leather products. We specialize in creative one of a kind pieces that "make your most creative dream come true." We also craft well made more common everyday items such as belts, pouches, purses, wallets and key chains with a unique flavor. 

Trilobite Collective


Founded in 2016, we are a collection of oddball characters who like to craft, explore, and host events together! We love Steampunk, Music, and Performing! 

Design by Night Accessories


 I was five years old when I decided I wanted to be an artist. I graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1995 with a degree in graphic design and drawing.

In the evenings, you’ll find me curled up on my sofa, assembling a photo collage, painting a flower pot for a friend, knitting a hot pink scarf, stringing a beaded necklace or sewing purses.

The Colony Meadery


The Colony Meadery's mission is to produce the boldest and most innovative meads in the world.

We use experimental batches, modern methodology, and precise control of fermentation to create meads that are distinct and varied. We believe in uncompromising quality, flavor and craftsmanship.

Mead is an ancient fermented beverage commonly referenced in Norse mythology. We have refined the fermentation process to produce elegant beverages that can be enjoyed alone or paired with food. Like any wine, our meads range from dry through dessert. The dry meads showcase the subtle flavors and aromas of the type of honey used to make the mead. Dessert meads are typically flavored with other ingredients to make a unique beverage experience.

Five Dogs Art


Science IS art! Five Dogs is a family that makes art together. And we do have five dogs. 

While each member of the family has their own focus, we are most recognized for our art and home decor made from reclaimed, discarded or otherwise found wood. Each piece is decorated with uniquely compelling fractal burns that in many ways resemble lightning strikes.

Chris is our Chief Engineer - the guy who makes daydreams and way out there ideas possible. If it requires exactitude and measurements of almost any kind, Chris has made it possible.

Lydia is the wood turner and Chief Electricity Wrangler. Lydia brings chaos to Chris's expertly measured and exactingly assembled order. - And she thinks turning is excellent fun, even though some measurement is required.

Jamie is a Fine Art student at Kutztown University who brings their own interpretations of mankind's complex relationship with the natural world to life in a variety of mediums. Jamie is also Chief Safety Officer for all electricity work - by far the most important of the titles.

Red Wyvern Studio


Red Wyvern Studio sells an assortment of unique steampunk & renaissance hats & variety of other things like fairy wings, lace necklaces and unicorn horns. 

Fleur de Lee Antique Reproduction Jewelry


Fleur de Lee is Vintage made New. This means that every piece is hand crafted with you in mind. We create to your specification.  

We use only Vintage molds from early 1800's to 1940's to create a piece that is authentic and also personal. You choose the color metal and stone. 

Countless Creations


Countless Creations is a one of a kind shop. They make a wide variety of items, their main one being their one-of-a-kind bath & body products! From soaps that look and smell like cake to simple tea-infused bath soaks!

The Clockwork Sphinx


 Felix Eddy is a fine artist and creator in Upstate, NY. She works in many mediums from large scale oil paintings and small pen and ink drawings, to designing embroidery and creating screen-prints and quilting. She regularly shows her work and sewn creations at art shows, galleries and conventions all over the USA. 

Felix graduated Magna Cum from Alfred University sometime between the invention of fire and the rise of social media, with a degree in fine arts and cross-media experience including glass casting, painting, and woodworking. Since college Felix has done a lot of things, from slinging coffee to painting furniture, and eventually spending close to a decade working for a professional embroidery shop, but has always worked on her art!  She has been a full-time artist for years, and recently added full-time mom to her resume.  

Once Upon A CON-Artist


Magic wands, nesting dolls, ornaments   in amazing CON styles!



One of a kind wool/cashmere sweater coats, jackets, and hand warmers!

Airship Oddities


Mysterious Goods for the Discerning Eye. We are dedicated to providing an eclectic mix of high-quality goods, focusing on steampunk, weird west, and dark fantasy themes!

Spiritual Findings


Tarot, Energy & Crystal Healing, Spiritual Coaching, Crystal Balls, Spell Work, Pendulums & More! Spiritual Findings Is A Safe Place To Heal & Express Yourself Spiritually. We Offer Affordable Rates So Everyone Can Embrace The Divine! 

Our Mission is to serve everyone with Quality Readings to help guide them in their Life's Path/Calling. 

Dragon's Clutch Jewelry


My name is Erin. 

I decided to start this business because I LOVE JEWELRY and I wanted to share what I love with you.

In my store you will find Chain Maille Jewelry made by me, Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry made by my Dad, and any funky and unique styles I find.

If you don't see what you are looking for just let me know, and I'll find or make what you need!



Get comphy with our hair accessories, plushies, and other lifestyle items!

Dreams at Heart's Crafty Creations


I'm an up-cycle artist whose main inspiration is the moon and the sea and the magic of dreams. I love fantasy and magic. 

Dreams at heart crafty creations has been in the making for 24 years. It started with the joy of building things out of what appears to others to be junk. At a young age I discovered a deep love for art especially breathing new life into items other wise forgotten. My first products involved up-cycling glass, but in recent years I have found a new inspiration with the help of my friends/co-workers/ fellow mermaid(at a renaissance faire I work at) in the moon and the sea. I bring to you my ooak jewelry and art dolls meant to help inspire you to reach your dreams and offer a Friend in your moments of need. Teamed up with my sister and fellow renn faire folk bringing, her own unique style and design to the shop we hope to bring you an array of beautiful and wonderful works for your buying pleasures. Commissions and custom orders are always welcome. We do also work with leather, sewing, and wood turning.  



Offering period and fantasy swords and knives as well as foam weapons for play or LARP!

Moon Glory Gears


We create art using antique clock and watch gears, and incorporate them onto a functional a mechanical pocket watch!

The Ruby of the West


We create vintage inspired, handmade perfume, and the finest quality, genuine, authentic ladies vintage clothing and goods. We want our clients to be thrilled about our products and always have a great experience doing business with us!

Petunia Rocks


Our mission is to inspire all girls out there that were or are victims of blah-ism moments in fashion and conformist uniforms, to break out of their shells and create their own perfect, most beautiful image of themselves. Be what you always wanted to be. 

Tailoring clothing,accessories & handbags for those with a devilishly fashionable spirit & a flare for the unique, we offer alternative and Rock clothing, accessories, and a variety of other items!

Sharon Rose Cosplay


Sharon Rose is a Pennsylvanian cosplayer, published author and artist, plus-size/curvy model, and all-around geek girl who is recognized for her award-winning EVA foam armor crafting and paint detail work. Her work has been showcased in Marvel’s digital series Marvel Becoming: Captain Marvel, on the cover of Cosplay Culture magazine, and in numerous geek culture media including, SciFiNow, and Geeks Are Sexy. Sharon is an administrator for SheProp!, a prop making and costume forum exclusively for women and nonbinary costumers and makers. She is also an administrator for Full Figured Cosplay, a body positive Cosplay and Comics™ page dedicated to  celebrating cosplay inclusivity. When she’s not in her studio working on costumes or at conventions, Sharon can be found working at an academic library, painting, drinking coffee, or  snuggling with her cats. 

Be sure to stop by to chat and check out her prints and handmade; accessories, props, and armor! 

CabinFever Top Hats and Kitty Cats


Maker of all things classy, creative, and custom - be sure to stop by to check out our latest creations featuring; top hats, head bands, pins, carvings, and many more!

Drunken Smithy


The Drunken Smithy is dedicated to the proposition that not all swords are created equal. The gods have deemed it our manifest destiny to create beautiful, functional, kicka$$: SWORDS. Who are we to argue? We have a right, No a responsibility to keep and arm bears! We at Drunken Smithy feel that our hard a$$ steel should be wielded by beautiful men and women of sound mind and hard a$$ bodies. You need our Steel and your swords deserve to be hammered just like the founding fathers of the Drunken Smithy! 

*AT THIS TIME ALL VENDRO Vendor Application for Event Date: Nov 16 to Nov 17


PA State Sales Tax: Exhibitors at Steampunk Showcase must Conduct  Business per PA law which includes but not limited to Sales Tax.

Exhibitor Spaces are all first paid first choice. No holding spaces  for anyone without payment. If you wish to be beside another vendor, we  will do our best to accommodate your request. Please put that request in  the email. 

100% refunds for cancelled tables up to Sept15. 50% refunds  for cancelled tables are possible up to Nov 10th. After Nov 10th no  Refunds for any reason. 

After Submitting your application and after management has approved your application, you will be instructed to purchase your spaces by email. No applications is completed without payment. To be fair all spaces are first pay first choice in order of payment processing.


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