Rules and Policies

Convention Rules

1.  No projectile weapons allowed! This means any object that shoots, tosses, throws, flings, propels, or ejects any other object.  This includes but is not limited to water pistols, nerf guns, 

shuriken, and web shooters.  This includes throwing insults!

2.  All weapons must be peace tied. This includes toy weapons, energy weapons, swords, knives over 3 inches, and sharp pointy things you 

might buy in the dealer’s room.  For a weapon to be Safety Tied: it needs to be tied or fastened securely so that it cannot be brandished or accidentally swung at anyone.

3.  Badges must be worn by all in order to enter the convention space and attend programming.  

If you are not wearing a badge, you will not be allowed in the Con Suite, and you may be asked to leave the event.

4.  Federal and State laws must be followed by everyone.  The legal drinking age in PA is 

Twenty-one (21); this also pertains to room parties.  An adult badge does not guarantee that the wearer is of legal drinking age, so check IDs before serving anyone alcohol!  Security will take badges of those who cannot control their liquor consumption.  The badge will be returned when and only when Security is convinced that the member is again able to

function.  Additionally, all drug laws are enforced, and possession  or  use them  will  because for  summary dismissal  from  the convention with no refund.

5.  Show respect  for your fellow Attendees, their property, and the hotel.  Physical conflicts, stealing, and vandalism will not be tolerated.

6.  Harassment of any kind, including on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, 

country, or political affiliation, is not permitted.

7.  See sexual harassment  policy.

8.  Convention staff reserve the right to tell you to stop what you are doing.  If you persist, you may be asked to leave the convention. 

9.  The term “staff ” includes security personnel and department  heads.  You needn’t bother appealing to contest  a reasonable request by the staff .

10.  All children under 12 years old must be supervised by an adult when in the convention area. Parents and guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children.

11.   Th e Hotel  is smoke-free, except  in outside designated smoking areas.




Harrassment Policy

Every attendee of SteamPunk Showcase has the right to be free from harassment. Harassment of anyone on the bases of race, religion, color, national origin, age sex, or physical or 

mental disability is prohibited by law and by the policies of this company. Harassment because of sexual orientation, personal appearance, marital status or other personal characteristics, is disrespectful and also prohibited by company policies.

Harassment can include such behavior as slurs, demeaning jokes or comments, innuendoes, unwelcome compliments, cartoons, pictures, pranks, hazing, stereotypical comments, derogatory descriptions or other verbal or physical conduct. Such behavior is considered harassment when it has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment; or affects an individual’s opportunities.

Sexual harassment is a type of harassment that occurs when the verbal or physical conduct described above is sexual in nature or gender-based. Sexual harassment involves making unwelcome sexual advances, or requests for sexual favors or other conduct of a sexual nature, a condition of employment; or making submission to or rejection of such conduct the basis for decisions; or creating an intimidating, offensive, or hostile 

environment by such conduct.

Any attendee who believes that he or she has been the subject of unwelcome harassment from staff or attendees, or from an outside party at our events, or who has observed harassment, is encouraged to identify the offensive behavior and request that it stop. If you are unable to address the matter directly to the harasser, or if you do and the behavior continues, report the matter directly to a member of the convention committee or staff representative designated to receive harassment complaints.

All complaints will be investigated promptly, impartially, and discreetly. Upon completion of the investigation, the appropriate parties will be notified of the findings. If an attendee, staff or outside party is found by us to have harassed another employee, appropriate corrective action will be taken. 

This could range from a disciplinary warning up to and including removal from the event and all other Steampunk Showcase events.

No one will suffer retaliation for reporting alleged instances of harassment. We must work together to prevent and stop harassing conduct at our events.

We trust that the members of Steampunk Showcase staff will act responsibly to maintain safe events, will treat each other with dignity and respect, and will work to maintain events free of discrimination and harassment.