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A Steampunk and fantasy Event in PA

Performers, Presenters, Educators, and Artists

Prof. Mark P. Donnelly



Professor Mark P. Donnelly is a multi-award winning author, historian, screenwriter, and television producer as well as internationally renowned duelist, swashbuckler, and constant gentleman.

Currently, he has nearly 30 books in print – all of which are non-fiction – and all of which are on historical subjects.  In addition to his work in print, Mark P. Donnelly has scripted and/or produced over 200 hours of broadcast television for Discovery, History Channel, PBS, BBC, National Geographic, Biography, A&E, etc. 

He holds the title of Professore di Armes in numerous forms of historical combat and western martial arts. He has taught workshops and seminars around the world and is honored to have been frequently counted among the top instructors in Europe.  After nearly 14 years in England he returned to the states and currently resides in Pennsylvania. 

Prof. Donnelly will be leading two VIP panels on Saturday; Death & Taxes at 2:00Pm and Dueling Through History with demos and audience involvement at 4:00Pm!

Nightwatch Paradox


Performing an acoustic set, these talented musicians, composers and  artists tell stories of an alternative history where steam and  technology rule. 

Two performance sets, once for GA at Noon and once during the VIP Dinner Theatre at 7:00Pm both on Saturday!


Karnevil Sideshow



Founded in 2011 and featured in both Weird NJ magazine and The Star  Ledger, Karnevil is New Jerseys premiere carnival sideshow experience  and is touted globally as "The worlds most dangerous sideshow!" Whether  bringing you death defying escapes, astounding acts of skill, classic  sideshow fare, ridiculous games, or informative presentations on macabre  Victorian subject matter, the Karnevil Krew delivers above and beyond  any mortal expectations!


Roll up, roll up fiends and fans for a whip cracking, glass smashing,  spike hammering good time! Step right up and gaze in amazement as the  Karnevil crew astounds, amuses, confounds and confuses like no other  danger act in the known world can! Featuring supervillain extraordinaire  and king of the bullwhip Dr. J.R. Whitcomb as well as the pain-proof  woman Lady Gypsy, Karnevil is guaranteed to satisfy all your adrenaline  needs.

Karnevil Sideshow will be performing at 10:00Pm for the VIP crowd at the Saturday night Dinner Theatre!

Bubblepop Burlesque


The midwest's premier nerdlesque group is excited to bring their brand of fun and sexy to you. Produced right here in Lancaster, and featuring performers from all over the tristate area, Bubblepop promises a good time with a little something for everyone!

Bubblepop will be performing their Burlesque show for the 18+ crowd at the VIP After Party following Saturday Night Dinner Theatre!

Keith Engle


 I play solo Irish fiddle, focusing on the music as it was played in an isolated region of Ireland called Sliabh Luachra in the 1800s, in costumes evocative of the era. At steampunk events, I often play a type of brass-string hybrid instrument called a phonofiddle. It looks like a cross between a trumpet and a violin, and it sounds like an old tintype photograph come to life! 

Keith will be entertaining GA intermittently throughout the weekend!

Verlyn Hays


Verlyn Hays has been making wine, beer and mead for about 20 years. His interest in mead can be, like many, traced back to Renaissance Faires and an interest in historical brewing techniques. After an "interesting" (super strong) first attempt at a sack mead using Charlie Pappazian's recipe, he was hooked on finding out all about mead, its history, and the various types there were. Currenlty, he holds the position of Vice-President of his local homebrewers' club and gives seminars and lessons on mead making at the local home brew supply store and various venues throughout central Pennsylvania. 

Verlyn will be leading a panel focusing on historical aspects of mead and his thoughts on why it's taken until now for mead to come back into prominence. His GA panel will be held at 2:15Pm on Saturday and again at 2:15Pm on Sunday!

Workshops by Thomas of Brute Force Studios


Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios will be doing several panels and workshops on How to and Why.

Bad Idea Entertainment


Be prepared to be delighted, teased, and mystified!

Bad Idea Entertainment will be performing for GA intermittently throughout the day Saturday and will present their Mentalism Show at 8:30Pm to those VIPs attending Dinner Theatre Saturday evening.

Leanna Renee Hieber



Leanna Renee Hieber is an actress, playwright and the author of thirteen Gothic, Gaslamp Fantasy novels for adults and teens for Tor and  Kensington Books such as the Strangely Beautiful saga, the Magic Most  Foul trilogy, the Eterna Files trilogy and The Spectral City series. The  Strangely Beautiful series hit Barnes & Noble and Borders Bestseller lists and garnered numerous regional genre awards, with  revised editions now available from Tor. The Spectral City, Leanna’s new ghost-filled series set in 1899 NYC with Kensington Books, has been a bestseller across several genres and platforms. A four-time Prism Award winner and Daphne du Maurier Award finalist, her short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and her books have been translated into many languages. She tours the country with By the Light of Tiffany: A Meeting with Clara Driscoll, a one-woman theatrical presentation about the 19th century designer of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s lamps. A proud member of performer unions Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA, she lives in New York City where she is a licensed ghost tour guide for Boroughs of the Dead and has been featured in film and television on shows like Boardwalk Empire and Mysteries at the Museum.

Sharon Rose


Sharon Rose is a Pennsylvanian cosplayer, published author and artist, plus-size/curvy model, and all-around geek girl who is recognized for her award-winning EVA foam armor crafting and paint detail work. Her work has been showcased in Marvel’s digital series Marvel Becoming: Captain Marvel, on the cover of Cosplay Culture magazine, and in numerous geek culture media including, SciFiNow, and Geeks Are Sexy. Sharon is an administrator for SheProp!, a prop making and costume forum exclusively for women and nonbinary costumers and makers. She is also an administrator for Full Figured Cosplay, a body positive Cosplay and Comics™ page dedicated to  celebrating cosplay inclusivity. When she’s not in her studio working on costumes or at conventions, Sharon can be found working at an academic library, painting, drinking coffee, or  snuggling with her cats. 

Sharon will be with us throughout the weekend; acting as a judge for our costume contest, assisting with the Women Maker's Panel - and offering helpful advice to cosplayers, makers, and creatives at all levels!

Duana Gummo


Duana has been a reenactor, living historian and historical dancer for 25+ years. She has been sewing, personally and professionally, most of her life. To learn about period clothing and how to make them she has done extensive research, attended workshops, seminars, conferences, taken online courses and studied extant garments through historical societies and at museums. She was commissioned and made historical clothing for Independence National Park in Philadelphia.  And she was a theater costumer for 10 years.  

Tanya Ghezzi


Tanya has a background in art and attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has also earned a degree in Computer Aided Drafting. She has 10+ years of reenacting experience plus has researched historical clothing and weaponry. She has produced steampunk accessories including hats and jewelry. Tanya is an avid crafter, quilter and has a 3rd degree black belt in Isshinryu karate. 

VIP Workshops & Panels

How to Age Your Octopus - Application of Patina to a Filament Deposition Modeled Cephalopod


This Make & Take Workshop will be held by Stephen Chapman on Saturday at 10:15AM in the Inspire VIP room.

In this workshop, you will turn a copper printed steampunk octopus into a one-of-a-kind piece of art! All materials are included, and you do not need to be crafty! The method is broken down into four basic steps that should take you 90 minutes or less. You can sign up on Facebook, or show up at the door - but please know there is a limit of 20 seats! There is a $30 materials fee for this workshop, which can be paid at the door.

Unmentionables: A Peek At Victorian Ladies' Undergarments

This Panel will be held by mother/daughter team - Duana Gummo & Tanya Ghezzi on Saturday at Noon and again on Sunday at 1:00Pm in the Inspire VIP room. 

 The Victorian Era spanned the years 1837 to 1901 and saw the evolution of multiple fashion styles. Learn about the different fashion eras within the Victorian age. Get a peek at the undergarments that gave shape to these fashion styles – from corsets to hoops, bustles and more! 

Here There Be Dragons - In Fact, Fiction and Fantasy

This Panel will be held by Prof. Mark P. Donnelly on Saturday at 1:15Pm in the Inspire VIP room.

This panel will cover the importance, significance, and plausibility of dragons around the world and throughout history.

Patterning in Leather

This how-to panel lead by Wheeler Stone will take place in the Inspire VIP room on Saturday at 2:30Pm.

Come learn all about working with leather as it applies to patterning techniques!

Duels, Honor and History - The Code Duello

This Panel, held by Prof. Mark P. Donnelly will take place on Saturday at 3:45Pm in the Inspire VIP room.

Come explore the concept of honor throughout history and today!

Foamforged: Making Props & Costuming in EVA Foam

This Panel will be lead by Brian Fadrosh & Tobias McCurry in the Inspire VIP room on Saturday at 5:00Pm and again on Sunday at 3:00Pm.

Come learn about working with EVA foam from two masters of the medium!

Leather Working 101

This panel will be hosted by Wheeler Stone at Noon on Sunday in the Inspire VIP room.

There's no better way to learn all about leather working than from a master leather worker!

Fasteners & Finishes

Stephen Chapman will be hosting this panel in the Inspire VIP room on Sunday at 2:00Pm.

 Did you ever wonder what those numbers mean on a box of fasteners? Which is bigger, a 1/4-20 or a #10-32? What about an M6??? What adhesives should I use? How do you make plastic look like iron or brass? Should I clearcoat? Why will paint not stick to this thing? Come talk about these things and more. Audience experiences welcome! 

GA Workshops & Panels

I Can Has Weaponry?: Painting Nerf Guns

This workshop, presented by Pipsqueak, will be held in the Integrity A panel room at Noon on Saturday.

 Join Pipsqueak as she explains how to prep and paint nerf guns in a way that even the airship captain will be jealous of! She will cover painting techniques, attaching that extra flair, and best ways to prep your gun for painting. 

Self eSteam in Steampunk

Grace Eve will be holding this panel in the Integrity A room on Saturday at 12:45Pm and again in the Integrity B room on Sunday at 1:45Pm.

Let's talk about self esteem in cosplay, modeling & the community!

Lasers and Other Mad Science

Thomas Dean Willeford & Tobias McCurry will host this panel on Saturday in the Integrity A room at 1:30Pm. 

Sharing their experience; these two gentlemen makers will talk all about making costumes and props!

Mead; It's Not Just for Vikings

Verlyn Hays will lead this Mead based panel in Integrity A on Saturday at 2:15Pm and again in Integrity B on Sunday at 2:30Pm.


The panel discussion will focus on historical aspects of mead and thoughts on why it’s taken until now for mead to come back into prominence. 

War of the Worlds - What if?

Thom Truelove offers this panel on Saturday at 3:00Pm in Integrity A.

Come join in the discussion exploring repercussions of the premise of the famous novel: War of the Worlds.

Feather Clip Make & Take


Kolleen Kilduff of Design By Night & Laura Becraft of Gadgetometers will be holding this Make & Take in Integrity A on Saturday at 3:45Pm.

 Hand craft a feather steampunk hat pin or hair clip using unusual items, such as, old keys, tools, leather, vintage jewelry, etc. Pick through a large collection of collected curiosities to choose from and we will walk you through assembling your own creation!

There is a $10 supply fee and you can sign up at the link below or at the showcase at her booth. The workshop is limited to the first 20 sign ups! 

Dr. Vir Lateus Dentum - The Brooklyn Magician

Join Master Magician Bruce J. Lish Saturday at 4:30Pm in Integrity A and again on Sunday at 3:15Pm in Integrity A as he performs miracles of all sizes;

from close up to grand stage illusions!

From the streets of Las Vegas to the Pedestrian Malls of Europe

to the Broadway stage.., If you're looking for magic, laughter and entertainment

you've landed in the right place!

Show Off, Tell & Explore

Wheeler Stone can be found leading this discussion on Saturday at 5:15Pm in Integrity A!

Leather Make & Take


Join Donald Dodson on Saturday at 12:45Pm in Integrity B for this Make & Take.

 This hands-on leather workshop will give participants an opportunity to create their very own leather item - such as a bracer or bracelet (other small items are possible) under the guidance of Donald Dodson, leather artist and owner of Dodson Designs Hand-crafted leather! Materials are included in the cost of the class. 

There is a $25 fee for materials and you can sign up at the link below. This workshop is limited to the first 15 sign ups! 

Women Makers - Costume Design

This panel will be held on Saturday in Integrity B at 1:30Pm, and again on Sunday in Integrity A at 1:00Pm.

Join our group of Master Women Makers as they share tips, tricks, and info on their experiences as makers!

Badge/Medal Make & Take


Kolleen Kilduff of Design By Night & Laura Becraft of Gadgetometers will be holding this Make & Take in Integrity B on Saturday at 2:15Pm.

 Join us for a new Maker’s Workshop to create your own Steampunk Medal! Forage through an eclectic mix of vintage buttons, keys, clock parts, ribbons, tools, craft items and more to produce a one of a kind, steampunk device to take home with the help of two seasoned makers.

There is a $10 supply fee and you can sign up at the link below or at the showcase at her booth. The workshop is limited to the first 20 sign ups!

Lowlife to High Society: Elevating Your Costuming

Pipsqueak will be hosting this panel on Saturday at 3:00Pm in Integrity B.

Are you new to steampunk fashion or looking for some pointers? This panel will cover the eras that inspire steampunk fashion, how to get past the gears and goggles, what takes costuming from Ehh to Ooooooh, and tips for making your own garb!

GA Workshops & Panels Cont.

Viennese Waltz Class


Allen Chung will lead this class on Saturday at 3:45Pm in Integrity B.

No dance experience? No Problem! Come learn the Viennese Waltz with our Show Master - Allen! This class is open to couples and individuals. Don't worry, you won't be dancing alone  - we'll match you up with a dance partner if needed!

Manners, Courtship & Polite Society

Join Thomas Dean Willeford on Saturday at 4:30Pm in Integrity B for this panel - who says Chivalry is dead?

Ghosts, the Victorians and Us

Leanna Renee Hieber will lead this panel on Saturday at 5:15Pm in Integrity B.

Actress, playwright, ghost tour guide and award-winning, bestselling  author Leanna Renee Hieber leads a heartfelt discussion about the  enduring popularity of ghost stories, the rise of the Spiritualist  movement in the 19th century, with its direct tie to the fight for  women’s rights, and what it all means for us today.

Industrial Revolutionaries: The 19th Century Arts & Crafts Movement

Join Prof. Mark P. Donnelly & Thomas Dean Willeford for this panel which will be hosted on Sunday in Integrity A at Noon.

This Discussion Panel will cover the 19th Century Arts & Crafts Movement of William Morris and Elbert Hubbard.

A Real Mason Answers Real Questions

This panel, led by Thom Truelove will be held on Sunday in Integrity A  at 1:45Pm.

Thom Truelove (you guessed it - a real mason!) will answer questions you always wondered about - and many you never knew you had!

Using History to Bring Your Builds & Characters to Life

Join Donald Dodson of Dodson Designs on Sunday in Integrity A at 2:30Pm for this panel.

Come learn all about incorporating bits of history into your builds - and learn why sometimes the past is the best inspiration for the future!

Nightwatch Paradox - Acoustic Set

Make your way to Integrity B on Sunday at 11:15Am to join select members of Nightwatch Paradox for an intimate acoustic set featuring wonderful steampunk music!

Costume Contest

Join us in Integrity B on Sunday at Noon for this years costume contest! Information on categories and entry can be found on the "Schedule Page" or at the Ticket Counter! 

O, Gothic Novel! An Entertaining, Irreverent History

Leanna Renee Hieber returns on Sunday at 3:15Pm in Integrity B to lead this riveting panel. 

Come on, you know you want to run away from the haunted house, in the rain, in your nightgown. Let’s talk about it. Since 1764, the Gothic  Novel has been a genre critics love to hate, despite its consistent  popularity through the centuries. Award-winning Gothic, Gaslamp Fantasy  novelist Leanna Renee Hieber (Tor Books, Sourcebooks, Kensington Books)  leads an irreverent, entertaining brief history of the Gothic Novel and discusses it’s social, psychological and artistic impact and importance into the modern age.


Tea Dueling

Saturday at 3:00Pm on the Promenade

Come join Baroness Alexandra in the Steampunk game of nerves known as Tea Dueling!  Face off against your opponent in this fun filled and slightly competitive sport.  Audience participation is a must as we cheer/jeer the dunkers on!  And as a special treat - Earl Grey (THE Tea Rex) will be joining in in the fun. See you there! 

Nerf Gun Dueling

Varying times throughout the weekend on the Promenade

There will be Nerf Gun Dueling at 10 paces on the Promenade at varying times throughout the weekend. Gentlemen and Ladies must bring their Nerf Gun to the Duel Master located at the entrance table to register for the duel. After we resurrect the loser, he or she must buy the winner a drink at the bar. 


Croquet and other lawn games will be held downstairs on the turf from 2:00Pm-4:00Pm on Saturday. 

Come-on-down to Turf #3 to get involved; play one game or 10 - these games are free and open to everyone!

Teapot Races

Saturday at 4:00Pm on the Promenade

 Join us for Splendid Teapot Racing, the zany new Steampunk sport imported from New Zealand. The level of excitement has been known to cause ladies to swoon and men to partake of strong drink, or vice versa. Watch in amazement as remotely controlled vehicles carrying all manner of teapots or kettles traverse obstacles such as the Chasm of Death, the Ramp of Doom, and the circuitous Slalom of Teacups! Vehicles will be upended, chinaware will be broken, judges will be bribed! Visit Splendid Teapot Racing USA on Facebook for more information and do not hesitate to contact Stephen Chapman on Facebook or at with specific questions.  See you there!


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