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What is Steampunk?

Steampunk! What is Steampunk you ask? It is the melting of Imagination Gone Wild with history and an alternate reality in which the steam engines, associated gears and pistons are modern again. Steampunk takes us on a trip back to the Victorian era's dress and lifestyle. It blends the retro technologies, fashion, culture, and art together with those of the present and the future.  Imagine an age where steam is the power source, airships float in the sky. An era when women and men dress in high fashion attire and have tea every afternoon! Think 1840-1895 Victorian England and the American Wild West during the days of Steam-Powered Railroads!

Steampunk can also incorporate other genres like Dieselpunk in which the setting is 1900's to 1950's. Fantasy Punk with gas lamps and dark alleys and goth attire. Post-apocalyptic with a future earth in turmoil after a massive catastrophic event and Mad Max (the movie). And also Silk Punk with a decadently Asian blend of Sci and fantasy! 

The Event

Introducing for the first time (Drum Roll Please!): Steampunk Showcase! An event extraordinaire for the celebration of steampunk culture in the Central Pennsylvania region and beyond! This two day event will happen (barring a derailing of the train) on the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving - November 24 and 25. Steampunk Showcase will be held with all festivities just north of Harrisburg, PA at the Holiday Inn of Grantville, PA (Right off of Rail 81). Nearly 20,000 sqft of exhibition space chocked full of merchants and peddlers offering (for your inspection and purchase) all sorts steampunk attire, toys, gear, and art. For your enjoyment and sensory delight there will be entertainment and music for all ages! dieselpunk

So are you ready to step aboard this train (or airship depending on the distance one is traveling) and join us for this Holiday Celebration of Steampunk Showcase? You can quite easily purchase tickets on this website by heading over to the tab labeled precisely "Tickets". Interested in Merchant Spaces? Choose tab Labeled  in bold "VENDORS".


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Steampunk Showcase